Marko's Restaurant

The authentic
Thai street food


We are the one of best Thai street food in Sydney. With the intention to bring the special and tasty food from local to the famous destination, the mix of culture and vibrance like Sydney.

Our mission

We are specialized in Thai Foods

From the experience in the Thai restaurant business for more than 10 years has accumulated experience. Learn and develop skills in restaurant management we have an intention to bring Thai food which is outstanding in a variety of flavours and is popular with foodies all over the world. Let everyone eat and feel like you are eating a dish in Thailand.

We focus on the quality of our food by choosing good, quality ingredients that are always fresh. Including we also pay attention to customer service. That is fast, friendly and professional.

Favorite menu

Dish of The Day Menu

Boat Noodle Soup

Thai Traditional noodle soup (Choice of noodle: thin rice noodle, egg noodle, vermicelli) in dark broth with meat ball, pork liver, Chinese broccoli, beansprout, coriander, and fried garlic.

Marko’s Grilled Chicken

Marko’s recipe marinated free range chicken with secret homemade sauce and Thai herb serve with homemade sweet chilli sauce.

Tum Goong Sod

Green cucumber with prawn, chili, garlic, fermented fish sauce, lemon, tomato, roasted peanut, and green bean.

Inspired by the hearth of Thai authentic food. Built on the principle that food tastes better when shared. For the vibrant community of Sydney.

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